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Keep the traffic flowing in Urban Flow, new on Nintendo Switch

Baltoro Games has released a new puzzle game with a traffic-themed twist. Urban Flow, exclusive to Nintendo Switch, puts you in charge of the traffic lights across a variety of charmingly rendered cities. From your bird’s-eye perspective, you can watch as vehicles of all sizes motor along the roads. You’ve got to help manage that traffic, switching different sets of lights between red and green. Get your timing wrong, and it’s chaos, with cars and lorries tumbling over each other in hilariously over-the-top pile-ups.

The single-player campaign mode features 100 levels to tackle, with various tricky road lay-outs featuring junctions and roundabouts. As well as ordinary vehicles, there are a number of special vehicles you’ll need to keep watch for, including ambulances, trains and tanks. Other entertaining single-player modes include Chill, which lets you play without the stress of scores or time limits, and Endless, where aiming for that high score is everything. You can also test your skills by completing various achievements for in-game rewards.

Urban Flow also lets you play with friends, thanks to its local co-op mode. Up to four players can join, with each of you controlling your own set of traffic lights. Choose to work together, or create havoc for your mates. The game can be played using your Switch’s Joy-Cons, the touch controls or with Pro controllers.

See if you can tame the traffic in Urban Flow, exclusively out on Nintendo Switch now.

Credit: Keep the traffic flowing in Urban Flow, new on Nintendo Switch